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The compensatory allowance in the province of Quebec

The court, in declaring separation from bed and board, divorce or nullity of marriage, may order either spouse to pay to the other, as compensation for the latter's contribution, in property or services, to the enrichment of the patrimony of the former, an allowance payable in cash or by instalments, taking into account, in particular, the advantages of the matrimonial regime and of the marriage contract. The same rule applies in case of death; in such a case, the advantages of the succession to the surviving spouse are also taken into account.

Where the right to the compensatory allowance is founded on the regular cooperation of the spouse in an enterprise, whether the enterprise deals in property or in services and whether or not it is a commercial enterprise, it may be applied for from the time the cooperation ends, if this results from the alienation, dissolution or voluntary or forced liquidation of the enterprise.

The cooperating spouse may adduce any evidence to prove his or her contribution to the enrichment of the patrimony of the other spouse.

Where a compensatory allowance becomes payable, the court, failing agreement between the parties, fixes the amount thereof. It may also, where applicable, fix the terms and conditions of payment and order that the allowance be paid in cash or by instalments or that it be paid by the awarding of rights in certain property.

One of the spouses may, during the marriage, agree with the other spouse to make partial payment of the compensatory allowance. The payment received shall be deducted when the time comes to fix the value of the compensatory allowance.

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