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The rights and duties of the spouse in the province of Quebec

The spouses have the same rights and obligations in marriage.

They owe each other respect, fidelity, succour and assistance.

They are bound to live together.

In marriage, both spouses retain their respective names, and exercise their respective civil rights under those names.

The spouses together take in hand the moral and material direction of the family, exercise parental authority and assume the tasks resulting therefrom.

The spouses choose the family residence together.

In the absence of an express choice, the family residence is presumed to be the residence where the members of the family live while carrying on their principal activities.

The spouses contribute towards the expenses of the marriage in proportion to their respective means.

The spouses may make their respective contributions by their activities within the home.

A spouse who enters into a contract for the current needs of the family also binds the other spouse for the whole, if they are not separated from bed and board.

However, the non-contracting spouse is not liable for the debt if he or she had previously informed the other contracting party of his or her unwillingness to be bound.

Either spouse may give the other a mandate in order to be represented in acts relating to the moral and material direction of the family.

This mandate is presumed if one spouse is unable to express his or her will for any reason or if he or she is unable to do so in due time.

Either spouse may be authorized by the court to enter alone into any act for which the consent of the other would be required, provided such consent is unobtainable for any reason, or its refusal is not justified by the interest of the family.

The authorization is special and for a specified time; it may be amended or revoked.

If the spouses disagree as to the exercise of their rights and the performance of their duties, they or either of them may apply to the court, which will decide in the interest of the family after fostering the conciliation of the parties.

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